Pogo Barn

Discord covering Boyd, Azle, Rhome, Newark and beyond.

Announcing a new discord server: The Pogo Barn. The Pogo Barn is a sister discord server with the PoGoNWFortWorth discord. The Pogo Barn discord desires to develop and grow several of the more rural spots of the PoGoNWFortWorth discord. These areas begin with Boyd, Azle, Rhome, and Newark, but also include Decatur, Haslet, Justin, Pecan Acres, Springtown, and others.

There has been a recent influx of new players to Pokémon Go, and we have seen many many new players in the gyms in the northern area. Now our task is to connect with each other and build a community in these areas.

Features of the discord:

Everyone is welcome on both servers, especially if you travel through some of the coverage areas on a normal basis. You can join the Pogo Barn using the "Join Pogo Barn Discord" button below.

Join Pogo Barn Discord


See PogoNWFortWorth page.